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Celebrating Six Years of Superb Online Learning

Webinar Courses and Much More with Louis Klein FSHom and Many Exceptional Teachers of Homeopathy

AS A MEMBER YOU CAN WATCH LIVE WEBINARS AND ALSO INSTANTLY ACCESS SIX YEARS OF RECORDED WEBINARS. By joining Zhomeo, you will benefit from an online community dedicated to innovative homeopathy.

Approved for Continuing Education Credits for certain Organizations and by Ontario Government College of Homeopaths.



  • Media rich, Powerpoint presentations with downloadable notes
  • More than just individual Webinars, they are part of a series of courses that give you more insight into homeopathic remedies.
  • Be a part of a community of Homeopaths dedicated to advancing their practice and sharing information. 
  • Sections on new Materia Medica, advanced case techniques and Member Forums are all part of your membership fee.
  • Subscription Based and Password Protected
  • High caliber international teachers give Webinars


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What our members have told us about their Webinar experience:

"There's no question of the exceptional value they offer, covering a great deal in a short period of time. From his practical and sometimes profound philosophy to his clinical insights and pictures on remedies, a lot is accomplished. There's new clarity on what's been offered before, but plenty of new ground broken, all given in a concise and organized fashion, even with extra room for discussion and interaction. The bonus is that all the material, including notes and the webinar itself is generously made available for later."

" Lou has managed to make Zhomeo lively and interesting using participant interaction and great presentations. I look forward to each month's session."

"What an incredible tool Zhomeo has been for bringing the global Homeopathic community together on a consistent basis. New discoveries, remedies and ideas are all able to be shared. As Homeopathy is constantly evolving, Zhomeo offers a concise easy to use format to keep aprised of new remedies ideas and case taking techniques."

"The bonus as well of having a library of previous presentations, slideshow notes, and cases in an organized venue for reference is perfect for the busy lives we all lead. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to learn through such an affordable and informative venue as Zhomeo."

"We live in a rural community. Thus, being able to study with you through the Webinar is truly wonderful."


What you get by joining Zhomeo

Live and recorded webinars. 

Many Topics have already been covered in the over 75 webinars that you can instantly access.

Topics Include:

Louis Klein Webinars

Miasms and Nosodes- Current- much information not published before.

Imponderable Remedies- Most Remedies and Broad Intensive Overview

New Provings- Webinars on the Latest Provings and Proving Techniques

Fungus - Most remedies and Broad Yet Intensive overview

Animal remedies- in depth

Bird Remedy Series by Expert Markus Kuntosch

Webinars by Jan Scholten and introduction to Plant Theory

Insect Remedies Series by Pat Maher Homeopath and Insect Remedy Expert

Provings by Senior Practitioner and Proving Leader Sally Williams 

Advanced Homeopathy Philosophy and its Application

Case Management, Inspiring Your Homeopathy Practice

Introductory and Advanced Webinars


Searchable Keywords

Keywords are searchable, therefore you have a database especially of new remedies and techniques.

Interactive Forums

Here you can have active conversations and keep in touch with other Homeopaths.

Subscription only, private password protected Homeopathy Community setting

Homeopaths from all over the world are on Zhomeo and you can instantly contact and have dialogues. Share cases, information, and get advice all within a password protected and safe environment.

Zoom, Zoom…Zhomeo….

Over 75 webinars at no extra cost. What value!

Once you register you are able to see ALL prior recorded Webinars and future ones as well as downloadable support documents and reference materials.



How do I sign up?

Easy. Just click on Register Now!  and use your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery Card or Paypal account. You will be charged the equivalent in your own currency.

Who can join?

ZHomeo.com is open to Professional Homeopaths and Students of homeopathy.

Do I have to attend all the live webinars to see them or can I watch a recorded version?

All webinars are recorded and are available for viewing by zhomeo members at any time, day or night.  Controls allow you to pause and move forward or backward in the recorded webinar. Reference materials and even webinar notes and presentation materials are available in pdf format for downloading.

What is the cost?

The yearly subscription fee is $299CDN per year.  

The subscription is payable yearly in equivalent currencies. Pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery Card or Paypal.

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If you are having problems registering or if you have more questions please contact us via email by clicking here.